Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hi everyone,

i am having problems with photos and the puty, so i will send a piccy to farmgirl as soon as this silly thing can be worked out. I can put piccies on that r already saved on the puty but not from the camera. which is what i need to do. i feel so left behind in the technology world!!

anyway i ended up doing an art quilt about 50cms by about 75cms. I learnt that when i put some stabliser in the art quilt i shouldnt overlap it(couldnt get the needles through). So lesson one learnt! Also learnt that when i iron the stabiliser i should use the other button on the iron to help melt it together. Lesson two learnt! And finally lesson three was why in the hell was i using stabliser in the first place????

um what else....

nope think thats all for the lessons.. will have to check my log book, if i can find where it is that is.
oh and i also want to say - THANK YOU to the ladies that sent me some fabrics.. its much appercieated(?)

will post photos very soon - hopefully...


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