Monday, October 02, 2006

Belle's answer to The Challenge


Here you see two pics: the Challenge that Jane sent to belle,and below it Belle's answer!
Now,her explanation:

I graphed the picture into 5 rows,then cut 3x8" squares of freezer paper,and drew curved lines on them,different widths,then cut these out,and ironed them to various fabrics which corresponded to the colours in the picture.
After I stitched the pieces together,back into their "squares" I cut each square in half on the diagonal,and then sewed different triangles together again into squares.These I sewed into the 5 rows.

I had decided before I started that I wanted an irregularly shaped quilt,so stitched the rows together in a triangle shape.
I didn't like the way it looked when it was looked too angular and "stiff" so I took to it with the scissors and "chopped it",until it looked 'more organic'.

I quilted it along the length in shallow curvy lines;in a few places I stitched around some of the leaf designs in the fabric,and in the top row I quilted in lines to echo the shape of the outline of the trees in the picture.

I stitched together lengths of the different fabrics I'd used to make the binding.

I think I'd like to add a bead fringe on the left side,from where it starts to dip in,but (I) haven't had a chance to sit and play with it yet.
I have a nice piece of driftwood that I'm going to use as a rod to hang it.
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Blogger Jacqui said...

Are the flowers printed onto fabric? If so what method did you use? I am intregued and will save up for a plane ticket so I can come and see this in peeson! i think it may be the only way to answer all my questions :o)I love the colours and the patterns your cutting and reassembling have made.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Great work Belle, so artistic. Congratulations., Margaret

7:09 AM  
Blogger belle said...

Hi Jam.....come on over :)

I'd love to say I printed the flowers, and certainly thought about it, but I think my printer had died around that time and I didn't have the new one. I found the fabric online, it had fields of bulb flowers on it, so I just the cut up the bits wanted.

Thanks both of you, glad you like it.

8:44 AM  

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