Friday, July 14, 2006

Country scene

This country scene was done by applique, solvi work, freehand Machine embroidery etc etc. Not a really good image here, as I have cows,chooks and a dog there that do not show up. Then I added the copy of my "blue pots " along the bottom, and from a distance it looks quite good. The milk pouring from jug to mug was the main "brain image " I got when I first had my "blue pots" piccie, and the country scene was how I interpreted that. Still I have learnt from it, and in the end enjoyed doing it, despite the frustrations along the way. Thanks to Jane for organising this challenge, and making me " think outside the square"............. Margaret waiting to see all the other results on the blog !!!!

Convergence quilt

This is the first of two quits I finished today. My story is ........When I received my picture I thought of a country scene and jugs of milk I started making my quilt then got bogged down with it, and abandoned it. a friend showed me a book "Convergence quilts by Ricky Timms" and I thought I would try that as my "pots " quilt. This is the result. My first rough effort showed better because when i copied the pic on my printer the blue ink was just about empty, so the image came out sort of pinky, and showed up better with the blue sashing. When I re printed with blue ink I should have then changed the sashing, but didn't think of it.. I am quite pleased though with this final quilt, and the jug of milk was from my original thoughts, with the milk kindly donated by Maureen. Now there is more......After finishing the quilt I had some "blue pots" pieces left over, and decided to try and finish the original quilt I had started. I shall now attemt to show you this one. Margaret