Monday, January 23, 2006

In theory....

Still in the theory stage of my quilt. Just a few sketches in my journal. I think I have settled on the overall look which will be three main areas. The sheds or maybe just one on rh side, long rectangle. A square containing bathing belle to its left. Along the bottom...long rectangle with ???? possibly seaside stuff, NOT FISH, a seaside scene. The background piece for all this I am thinking a map of an English seaside area......
And I am hoping to do it all in silk.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My picture

After meandering back through the blog I realised I hadn't posted a pic of my challenge photo, so here it is..... a host of golden daffodils - well, cream actually.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Picture frame...

For those of you with frames... I saw this on the web - it is the cover for the latest CAE guide... I really liked it simple idea of looking through a frame - what is the looker hoping to see??? Straight away it reminded me of those two frame pictures - thought this might be another idea to throw into the pot...

Now will that be salad with your fish???? :))

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

tea for two, art challenge quilt

This is my first attempt for the design of my art quilt. The tea cups have not yet been put into the picture but will be on the tablecloth.The timber frame represents the timber box that the teacups were in and also a window frame. The timber boxes which were in the original photo, remind me of rural or country settings, so I have used the view from my parents place overlooking Mt Bogong and hills.With a cane chair to view the scenery from the window. I need some ideas on how to make the greenery which is native gum tree forest, what techiniques would work.
and also anything that would create a basket/cane texture for the chair. I'm a bit apprehensive about what techinques and things to use to get different effects.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Sorry Margaret
I was dreaming (pun intended!)
I included the link for viewing some of the swaps,
but ignored the all important link for checking out the group which of course is Quiltswap


How do I find this site ??????????????? Guess who

Friday, January 13, 2006

More inspiration!

Check out Quiltswap which is a Yahoo group dedicated to quilt swaps;
if you'd like to see some Art quilts in varying shapes,sizes and themes.
The next swap is planned for April.


Miss-Nance, If you want individual leaves,I would put down some green organza, ssparsely sprinkle scaps over it, cover with solvi,put it in a hoop then stitch over it first in the shape of leaves, do this a few times to create a firm edge. then more stitches inside the leaves, making sure all the scraps are covered. Wash off the Solvi, and you should have some lovely leaves. If you just want a vague tree in the background follow the same procedure, but instead of outlining the leaves ,outline the total shape and do lots of squiggles over it. Good luck Margaret

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have been very much inspired by the link jacqui left in the fourm to Maureens blog which has a great explanation of confetti making.

What I was wondering though, would it work just as well if it was sparsley "confettied". I would like to use this methood to make my leaves for the tree, but it couldnt be as heavily confetteid to get the dappled leave look I would require.

Any ideas/suggestions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Am I right, Sharon? You are the only one with a living thing in your picture?
The rest of us have inanimate objects....of course they maynot remain that way. I'm thinking bathing belles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

While I was waiting...

I made a cover for my art journal while I was waiting for my pic to arrive. I added something to it each day telling myself to stop when the picture arrived. So here it is at 'stopped' stage. Now I see the picture of it I think I need to add a lot more so it isn't firmly attached to the journal yet. Also I didn't like the stark white pages so I am waiting for paint to dry before making my first entry!

I have sheds!

Here pinup is a view of some of those beachboxes I was referring to in my comment to you... As Brighton is a very well to do suburb in Melbourne these small pieces of real estate are worth a packet...

Other bayside suburbs also have them but they are the exception rather than the rule however and have become more of a tourist icon than anything else although I do believe they are used as functional areas. Every so often there is a bit of a to do with some people wanting them demolished and others wanting to retain them for the nostalgia. One day I guess they will all be gone...

In your photo saw some interesting possibilities - especially regarding textures...

Now with the combination of your beach boxes and my fish - the possibilities are endless...

I have sheds!

The colours haven't scanned very well, the grey bits are actually blue. I am thinking about what to do but would be good to know where the sheds are. I presume they are little changing sheds at the seaside. I saw some of these type of thing when in Bournemouth....I may pretend that's where they are just because they can come alive in my mind then!
Very linear, which will be challenging as I am a swirly kinda gal!
Ok, ideas everyone. What do you see?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Re:Monet and Nico

For further inspiration go check out artrageous
and see a version of Monet's "waterlillies" by Gillian Hand in the ATASDA travelling Exhibition

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another fish...

I found this woven ribbon fish whilst I was 'browsing' the net... I don't think I will use it as part of my quilt but I found it interesting... I am realising that I need to start narrowing it down otherwise I will suffer from 'net trance/fever'...

Photos of Monets Garden for use in my quilt...

These are the photos that I referred to in my last post. All are my own images that I took on an overseas holiday to Italy and France.

These were taken on a day trip to Monets garden at Giverny. I hope to incorporate these images into my artquilt as scenes from windows.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is it just me?

I've been thinking about the pictures I have seen so far (mine can't be far away) and the more I see them the more I find one major 'fault' with them. They are all too perfect! Perfect colour, perfect shape, perfect dimensions, just perfect.
Now, if I'm right (and it is only what I am seeing) this challenge is going to be amazing because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate a perfect photo using our chosen tools of the trade....wool, fabric, feathers, felt, beads etc etc
I think that the Art Quilt will finish up being much better than the pictures.....what do you think?

anyone for Tea or any ideas ?

Here is picture of my image to work with from Jane .Im logged in here as genevieve35200 but need to get logged in under genevieve101.
Ideas accepted greatfully, but will ponder on it for a few more days.


There are a few people here who are having trouble posting or remembering how to post on the blog site so have decided to post the instructions in here so that they are a permanant fixture.

Click on the orange B (blogger logo) in the top left hand corner of the blog page, this will take you either to a sign in page (if you signed out last time) or to a list of the blogs that you are a member of (if you didn't sign out) next to the name of the blog you wish to post in click on the green cross to post a new message. THis will take you to a compose page, you can also add pictures here as well in the toolbar the second tab from the right (or under the EDIT HTML) is the link to post a pic. I recommend that you do not sign out and that you put the blog into your favourites

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ideas for art quilt challenge 2

Tried to post this as a comment but d****d machine wouldn't let me - so - it's here instead - in addendum (sp?) to my previous post ...

Just realised there's silk yarn and soya yarn too - could end up with alsorts of creatures in this one :) Sheep, alpace, rabbits, goats (?), soya, silkworms, recycled saris, any I've forgotten - not putting cats and dogs in because that's just wierd!

Lovely of you to offer me yarn pinup :) big transglobal hug for you, you know the way to a woman's heart! - but I rather think this project will invlove a 'few' additional purchases from the wool shop - all in the interest of research you understand. I was thinking of knitting little samples of differnt stitches and using those to create texture too. I've always avoided tension squares - maybe now there's a reason for them after all VBG Maybe I 'need' a sample of each wool type and guage too. Have a feeling I need to stop everything else and only work on thsi from now on!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ideas for art quilt challenge

Ideas for art quilt challenge
Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.
My wool picture is beginning to give me ideas - here are the preliminary sketches from my journal. The interpretation is still quite literal at this stage but I expect it to evolve as I begin to look for materials and methods. The piece will be quite large 42" x 52" to hang in the space above my fireplace. It will also be very textured with lots of additional materials, wool (no surprises there :)) and padded shapes too. I also thought about including other animal references apart from the sheep and rabbits that are already there in the drawing but I don't know how to draw alpaca. I would use phot transfer pictures but that would change the cartoon character that I have come to like about my work so maybe I will find another way, any suggestions welcome :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

These are pics I told Gail I'd post - some ideas from a book on making fantasy fabric. You can use tulle in different colours to soften or change your base fabric, multilayered to give different effects, capture items - anything from 'confetti' - scraps of fabric, to flowers, feathers, lace, and bits of thread or yarn. When all that's done, you can embellish the top with beads, as in the first photo. This 'fabric' was created using sheer fabric cut into various shapes and then some of them muted by covering with brown tulle, and stitched in place with metallic threads.

If you want more detail Gail, or anyone, let me know and I can mail some pages out with basic instructions.

Photo # 2

Not sure what happened there, uploaded the two photos together, but only one posted - aah! the mysteries of the blog!

Fish for Sharon - sorry no chips !

Here are photos of the folded fish, I thought if you were interested in doing them, Sharon, I could mail the instructions to you, not sure how you'd get the templates back to the correct size before printing them off otherwise.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

CQ Crazy: Easy Tufting stitch

Some eye candy

For those of you who'd like to see some small art quilts,check out Artfabrik Inc.

and view:

"Keiko and Friends: Art Quilts featured artwork by contemporary Japanese quilt artists, Keiko Goke and Mariko Akizuki, as well as small works by over 50 international quilt artists......."

art quilt challenge

To Sharon with the fish, I too have been doing lots of thinking about my pic........the jugs and pots in blue.My first thought was of milk from the jug, so I think I'll have to have that somewhere in the quilt. Don't know how I will even try to do this as I am definately not an artist able to draw pictures. My picture seems to represent days of old ( but not too old cos I can remember such things ) so an old cottage maybe with cows in a paddock,or old kitchen setting,. All pictures in my head, but no way of putting them onto a quilt. So lots more thinking to do ,trying to get the idea right but keeping the actual simple. I'm pretty good at this "thinking" thing, spend lots of time thinking, and little time DOING........ Maybe my New Year resolution should be "do more, think less", but I'm sure it would not last long so I won't bother. HAPPY STITCHING NEW YEAR everyone.............Margaret