Sunday, February 19, 2006

pots and jugs

this is what I have done as a background for my jug of milk. ( the actual is wider than it is long, about A4 size) I thought to add some cows etc, and a big jug of milk . I think I may start over again, but would like some ideas from you ladies, pleaseeee.The pots and jugs pic, seems to refer to times gone by. Any ideas ????
Margaret in confusion !!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

here is my picture of my art quilt picture. im still learning to use the digi camera so excuse the bad photos! lol.
nat(aka the_hutchinsons)

hi everyone,
here is another pic of my flowers i am going to use on my quilt, these are the 4 different coloured ones(with the 5cent peice). i also have a picture of another type of flower i like. most of them i cant buy off ebay anymore cause they have sold:(

i might have a go at making them myself. it looks as though they are just ribbon type made flowers. any hints would be good ladies

hi everyone

well i have decided to break making my quilt down into stages.

1. sew big branches onto quilt as background.
2. sew smaller size branches onto quilt(these are what the flower bunches will hang off), add texture to the branches(eg: add tulle, satin, velvet ect)
3. trace on the flowers branches(these will be what i glue the flowers onto), and start to hand embroider these into place. remember to sew with silver thread
4. trace in place the garden verse/poem. start to hand embroider in place with gold thread.
5. postion the flowers in place and sew/glue.
6. hand quilt the back of the quilt in a vine pattern(this will be on the calico) and add the sleeves for hanging,.
7. once all the above steps have been done and i am happy with it. sew the whole art quilt together and add a wavy boarder.

so far i am up to step 2. i hope to be finished this step by the end of this weekend(12th june), i have monday off so i can work on my hand embroidery then for step 3.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Enough research!

I'm thinking I have wasted enough time on "research"....I have visited more internet sites for this than on any other subject. In reality it is just a stalling ploy. I have never resorted to the internet before for any arty stuff so no reason to do so now. I know how to make an art quilt...I just have to accept that I have a picture to follow and I can't just create the first thing that comes to mind!!! I am telling myself all this but I bet there are some of you out there that will have some empathy with this situation.
So, where to now....I have the silk sort of sorted. I have the map but not in any form that I can attach to fabric.....actually it is a real old map of Scotland but we can pretend there is a lovely sunny beach somewhere on it. The bathing belle shouldn't be too hard, I have a picture of one somewhere and of course I have a lovely covered art journal.
What is needed now is for me to remove all of the above from the static pile buried somewhere on my cutting table and do something with it.
I am blaming it on the heat at the moment but I feel that is just another excuse!!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

link to another blog for inspiration on designing quilt

I stumbled upon this blogsite
by a lady from usa, but if you read through it, she explains how she has done the concepts when designing her quilts. She using fusing on the back of her material and it appears to me then she quilts them all over. Fantastic colours all hand dyed and her gallery shows what she had for sale, ie $7000 for a quilt. Have a look very inspirational.
My quilt so far, have done one postcard size stripes of blue for a sky.That is as far as I have got so far. I have an art journal that most info is being put into.

genevieve aka somewhereonthedesk

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

And still more fish...

I wish I could say that this was my finished 'FISH" quilt - but alas it isn't...I found this image in a beading book over on Chloe's Place blog... I am afraid I have lost momentum with 'FISH' at the moment... I think I saturated myself with ideas and then 'collapsed'. But I shall press onwards... I was wondering if we should have a fortnighly check in or something as I know that it would help me keep
on track...